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  • "How long will my custom order take to be completed and shipped?""
    Most orders will have a processing time of 3-5 business days, however some may require 6 depending on the quantity. Ask me, and I can give you an estimated processing time for your order!
  • "I can't find the specific paper color or ink color I am looking for in your shop. Do you have what I am looking for?""
    I most likely do! What I have available in my shop does not include all of the supplies I own because I may not be able to continuously stock all of them. Paper and pens are definitely something that I have built a (never-ending & overflowing) collection of, and I probably have exactly what you are looking for! Please message me and I will see if I have what you need.
  • "Can you do printing?""
    All writing on my products is handwritten, and printing is not available. However, I may still be able to help you create what you’re looking for. Just message me! :)
  • "Can you recreate something from a photo or something found on Pinterest?""
    Of course! Send me your inspiration photos before or after placing your order and I will replicate it to the best of my ability! Send me an email at with your ideas and I will see what I can do!
  • "Can you write in other 'fonts' or styles?""
    Calligraphy (the "font" shown all throughout my store) is my primary font, and is the only style I offer in all products. However, I am sometimes able to reference another writing style (examples: a typewriter font or the "Friends" TV show writing) for special requests! I cannot guarantee that I can replicate any style requested, but please message me and I will see what I can do!
  • "Do you offer bulk discounts, and how can I place my discounted order?""
    Yes, I do offer discounts for bulk orders! For larger orders I offer discounts that vary in range depending on the amount of items ordered, the materials needed, and the amount of writing for each item. *There are some items that cannot be discounted. In order to place a bulk order, please email me at with details of what you are looking for and the quantity you need.
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