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Please read below before purchasing!


My normal processing time, the time it takes me to produce your order, is 3-5 business days for all items, excluding envelopes. By adding this item to your purchase, your order will be pushed to the front of my processing line so that your order can be put in the mail within 24-48 hours of purchasing. If this fee is added to rush the production time of addressed envelopes, the processing time is reduced from 2-3 weeks to 1 week maximum.


**This rush fee does not speed up shipping time, only the amount of time it takes me to produce your order to then ship it. Shipping upgrades to speed up shipping time can be bought at time of purchase. 


- View your cart and calculate the total quantity of items that you plan to purchase. 
- View the drop-down list options of this item and select the number of individual items you are rushing (ex. If you have 5 cards, 2 gift bags, and 2 gift tags, you will need to select 9 items, not 3. Please message me if you need assistance in calculating the amount of items in your cart so that this can be bought correctly).
- Add to cart and purchase with the items you plan on rushing.
- After your order is placed, I will message you within 12 hours of your purchase to confirm that I have seen your rush fee!


**If this rush fee is not bought correctly, the buyer will be messaged. Once the buyer has been messaged, the order will not be started until adequate rush fee has been purchased. I am not responsible for any delays that are due to a late response from the buyer.


**If your order is placed on a Saturday after 9am CST, your order will be shipped on the following Monday morning (or next business day). 


Please contact me here about rushing your order if you have any questions!

Rush Processing

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